Advancing Late-Stage Scale-Up Technical Capabilities While Integrating this in Early Project Selection Decision Making with Stakeholders Engagement

Welcome to the 5th Annual Commercializing Flow Chemistry Summit!

Transforming Your Flow Chemistry Process Economics with Scale-Up Efficiency, Safety & Sustainability

The 5th Commercializing Flow Chemistry Summit marks a pivotal year, introducing a significant shift in content to address the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. This summit zeroes in on advanced scale-up capabilities and stakeholder engagement strategies, responding to a market that is rapidly expanding and forecasted to reach US $4.6 billion by 2032. Attendees will delve into specialized sessions that focus on late-stage process development, enhanced regulatory compliance, and innovative manufacturing techniques like electrochemistry and continuous processing.


This event is crucial for professionals aiming to stay ahead in an industry moving towards more sustainable and efficient production methods. With a fresh emphasis on practical, application-focused content, the summit provides essential insights and networking opportunities, making it a must-attend event for those looking to drive technical and strategic decision-making in their organizations.

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July 19

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Top Testimonials:

"It is a great conference which integrates process chemists, process engineers and automation scientists in an effort to search for a solution of utilizing safer and cheaper flow chemistry process to speed up the delivery of pharmaceutical products to be more efficient."

Attendee, Principal Scientist, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

"I enjoyed the first day workshop, added a lot of value and insight for someone like myself who is just starting out in scaling up continuous processes. The round table discussions were also excellent in getting individual perspectives on what the challenges are."

Attendee, Manager of Manufacturing Science & Technology, BioVectra

"The talks had a good variety and were very engaging. Designated networking opportunities were great for connecting with other industry leaders and continuing thoughtful discussions. Roundtable discussions were useful for gaining a better perspective."

Speaker, Senior Engineer Process Development, Eli Lilly

"Insightful talks, exciting topics and great networking event within the continuous flow field."

Speaker, Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Good mix of companies and job titles."

Partner, Business Development Manager, Optimal Industrial Technologies

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