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Expertise Partner

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals is leveraging a novel state-of-the-art pharmaceutical
manufacturing platform called Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM), initially developed through a Novartis-MIT research collaboration. ICM represents the most advanced method for producing small molecule drugs and enables the
entire manufacturing process, from starting materials to the final product, to be placed in a single seamless production line. This is
a fundamentally different from batch manufacturing, and offers considerable advantages in costefficiency, lead time, production flexibility, quality assurance, and environmental impact. Learn more about CONTINUUS and ICM.



Ventus Therapeutics

Industry Partner

Ventus Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company deploying deep protein science expertise and a proprietary computational chemistry platform to develop novel small molecule therapeutics for immunology, inflammation, and neurology disorders. Using its proprietary drug discovery platform, ReSOLVE™, the company screened its first target in 2020, selected three development candidates in 2022, and advanced its two wholly-owned product candidates into the clinic in 2023: VENT-03, a potent, selective, oral cGAS inhibitor in Phase 1, and VENT-02, a potent, brain-penetrant, oral NLRP3 inhibitor that has completed Phase 1. In addition, Ventus has out-licensed VENT-01, a peripherally-restricted NLRP3 inhibitor currently in Phase 1, to Novo Nordisk A/S. These programs exemplify Ventus’ robust discovery capabilities and focus on differentiated programs for multi-indication immunology and neurology targets.