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Innovation Partner

BirdoTech is a chemistry services CRO headquartered in Shanghai, China. With clients across North America, Europe, and Asia, BirdoTech delivers quality products with utmost stringent criteria while meeting demanding timelines. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest in advanced instrumentations
to provide reliable data that are critical for decision-making. Our scientists have synthesized numerous heterocyclic scaffolds and building blocks. These compounds are structurally diverse and can provide thoughtful starting points for drug design.



Exhibition Partner

For over 30 years, the Optimal Group have provided automation services to the life science and process industries, delivering measurable improvements in:

- Minimising development and production costs
- Maximising product quality and throughput
- Faster time to market

Our PAT Knowledge Management software platform – synTQ® – in use by over 65% of world-leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, facilitates QbD via PAT. synTQ® enables real-time process monitoring and control of critical quality attributes, non-invasively, including flow chemistry applications.



Branding Partner

For 20 years, Asymchem has been a leading global contract developer and manufacturer serving the pharmaceutical and biotech industries at all stages of drug development and into commercialization. Our 8 state-of-the-art facilities combined with our mastery of advanced technologies, such as
continuous flow, biotransformation, beta-lactam containment, peptides, and high-potency APIs, enable us to provide high quality solutions for our clients.

In addition to providing on-demand CDMO services, we are innovating the industry with our focus of developing practical and sustainable techniques and processes when applicable for projects within our industry.