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Asymchem is a global CDMO that has consistently innovated and invested in new technologies to stay on the forefront of trends in both R&D and production since its inception more than 20 years ago. As a result, Asymchem is well-positioned and structured to be a true global partner in drug development and manufacturing for pharmaceutical and biotech companies by offering integrated solutions across all stages of drug development and into commercialization.

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Expertise Partner

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals is leveraging a novel state-of-the-art pharmaceutical
manufacturing platform called Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM), initially developed through a Novartis-MIT research collaboration. ICM represents the most advanced method for producing small molecule drugs and enables the
entire manufacturing process, from starting materials to the final product, to be placed in a single seamless production line. This is
a fundamentally different from batch manufacturing, and offers considerable advantages in costefficiency, lead time, production flexibility, quality assurance, and environmental impact. Learn more about CONTINUUS and ICM.



Innovation Partner

Axplora, created from the merger of Farmabios, Novasep and PharmaZell, is the preferred API manufacturing partner to the world’s leading patient-centric pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, delivering top quality active ingredients on time and at scale, to the highest industry standards.

Axplora offers CDMO solutions to innovators for their small molecule APIs and biomolecules, from process development to clinical supply and cGMP commercial manufacturing, leveraging key technologies such as flow chemistry, electrochemistry or chromatography.


Optimal Industrial Technologies

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Optimal Industrial Technologies is the global leader for integrated PAT solutions. From laboratory to manufacturing applications, the Optimal group has more than 34 years of experience in the automation and optimisation of development and manufacturing processes.

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Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik GmbH

Exhibition Partner

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik GmbH sets standards worldwide in terms of microreaction technology in flow chemistry. The portfolio is aligned to established equipment concepts in process technologies, with which a broad range of disparate process and application requirements can be met.

Ehrfeld focuses on achieving tangible added value by implementing the technology platform of micro- and millireactors from lab to production scale of several thousand tons per year.

Buchiglas USA Corp. is Ehrfeld’s exclusive distribution and technology partner in USA, Canada, and Mexico.