Anirudh Nambiar

Anirudh Nambiar

Company: Amgen Inc.

Job title: Senior Engineer, Process Development


PAT-Enabled Automated Process Control: Application to Otezla Continuous Manufacturing 2:30 pm

Discussing the integration of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to monitor and control continuous processes in real-time Describing a closed-loop control strategy for maintaining optimal operation in response to process disturbances Presenting a proof-of-concept demonstration of closed-loop control and highlighting areas for further developmentRead more

day: Day 2

Panel Discussion: Overcoming Scale-Up Challenges in Flow Chemistry: From Lab to Industry 1:30 pm

Discussing common pitfalls and strategies for scaling flow chemistry processes from the laboratory to full-scale production, ensuring smoother transitions Exploring the technical and logistical aspects of transferring flow chemistry processes to manufacturing settings, emphasising continuity and scalability Showcasing examples where scale-up challenges were successfully addressed, for commercial success and operational excellenceRead more

day: Day 1

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