Firdaus Parveen

Firdaus Parveen

Company: Department of Chemistry and Material Innovation Factory, University of Liverpool

Job title: Liverpool Digital Flow Centre Manager and Research Coordinator


Advancing Flow Chemistry: Enhancing Process Efficiency, Quality, and Technological Integration
2:00 pm

This workshop delves into the latest advancements and strategies in flow chemistry, focusing on enhancing process efficiency, quality, and the integration of innovative technologies. Engage in discussions on strategic technology integration, explore current and future technological trends, and examine the crucial role of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in optimizing chemical processes. Strategic Approaches for Technology…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Day

Enhancing Sustainability and Efficiency: Innovative Green and Hybrid Techniques in Flow Chemistry 9:00 am

Delving into the strategic use of flow chemistry to enhance the environmental sustainability of chemical processes, focusing on waste reduction and energy efficiency Exploring groundbreaking materials and methods that amplify the environmental benefits of flow chemistry, discussing innovative approaches that push the boundaries of eco-friendly manufacturing practices Analyzing the economic and technical factors that drive…Read more

day: Day 2

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