Breakfast Deep Dives

Deep Dives make the most out of the conference platform’s interactive capabilities. Sessions here may involve presentations, case studies, audience discussion, exercises, polling and more to ensure you leave with actionable insights and deep-rooted knowledge.

Deep Dive A: How to Create New Technologies & Processes

August 25 | 8.30 – 10.30

For over 15 years CPI has been helping customers develop new and novel processes across a range of industries. This work ranges from initial concept studies, to laboratory development work, through to design and commercialization of full-scale plants. In this session we would like to distill down some of our key learnings on the fundamental problems of new technology and process development, and how you can improve your chances of successfully developing new processes, including, for example:

• Why the valley of death exists, and most new technologies fail, and how to improve your odds
• Why we will never solve the scale-up problem, but what we can do about it
• Why casinos and slot machines are the key to new process development
• Why we should avoid optimization and do the opposite
• Why engineering designs are useful, but not in the way you expect

jogn williams

John Williams
Process Technology
Development Expert

Deep Dive B: Scale Up Trouble Shooting & Digital Solutions

August 26 | 8.30 – 10.30

Looking to pre-empt scale up challenges or solve translation from academic papers into field production? This deep dive will explore different challenges that may arise at stages of flow chemistry process development to ensure your process’ reactor configurations and conditions are built to last and survive Industry scale production. We will also explore how integration of automation, digitalization & AI can optimise your processes and ease scale up from bench from GMP production.

• High throughput screening methods to validate and build upon literature approaches
• Modular platform for translating microgram-scale batch
experiments to milligram/gram-scale flow chemistry
• Integration of online PAT into flow systems with centralized relational database
• Digital twin modelling of flow systems to identify scale-up issues ahead of time and enable smooth transition to kilogramscale manufacturing
• Modular reconfigurable skids for performing kg-scale
just-in-time manufacturing

Jin Ping Lim SRI

Jin-Ping Lim
Program Director
Advanced Manufacturing,
SRI Biosciences
SRI International