Joel Calvin

Joel Calvin

Company: Eli Lilly

Job title: Organic Chemist


Panel Discussion: Commercialization for Flow Chemistry – Where Are We Now & Where Are We Heading?

Gabriela Grasa Mannino
Manufacturing Services Business Development Director, US Pharmacopeia 12:45 pm

• What has worked best for you so far? • What has not worked? • How do you approach outsourced vs internal development? How do you prioritize? • How can companies open source their research while still protecting their company’s IP and competitive edge • Have the drivers for flow chemistry changed as the industry…Read more

day: Day Two

Enabling Atroposelective Syntheses via Simultaneous Processing of Antagonistic Chemical Events (SPACE) 12:15 pm

• Optical resolution is a reliable method for separation of atropisomers but it is plagued by a maximum-yield of 50% • Axes of chirality can be thermally epimerized but this conflicts with conditions required for crystallization (cooling) • Continuous flow can be applied to resolve these competing needs, resulting in high-yielding synthesis of atropisomers which…Read more

day: Day Two

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