Gabriela Grasa Mannino

Gabriela Grasa Mannino

Company: US Pharmacopeia

Job title: Manufacturing Services Business Development Director


Panel Discussion: Commercialization for Flow Chemistry – Where Are We Now & Where Are We Heading? 12:45 pm

• What has worked best for you so far? • What has not worked? • How do you approach outsourced vs internal development? How do you prioritize? • How can companies open source their research while still protecting their company’s IP and competitive edge • Have the drivers for flow chemistry changed as the industry…Read more

day: Day Two

Building Trust While Reducing Barriers to Adoption of Continuous Manufacturing: A Three-Prong Approach 2:30 pm

• To facilitate adoption of new technologies and help accelerate the safe and efficient production of quality medicines when and where they are needed, a broad approach, from early decision making to commercial manufacturing is needed • Working on the next generation of quality standards and technical guides to help bring quality assured products to…Read more

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