Panel Discussion: Commercialization for Flow Chemistry – Where Are We Now & Where Are We Heading?

Time: 12:45 pm
day: Day Two


• What has worked best for you so far?
• What has not worked?
• How do you approach outsourced vs internal development? How do you prioritize?
• How can companies open source their research while still protecting their company’s IP and competitive edge
• Have the drivers for flow chemistry changed as the industry evolves? Which are most applicable today?
• What are the biggest hurdles/remaining gaps which pose difficulties for the development of flow processes?
• What is the end goal of flow chemistry? Individual unit operations or integrated continuous manufacturing (ICM)?
• How can the learnings from small molecule drug substance and drug product be applied to other modalities?
• As the need for specialized equipment grows, which industries can biopharma, API & fine chemical companies
turn to for flexibility & experience