Development of a Flow Screening Platform in Discovery Chemistry – Scope and Limitations

Time: 9:00 am
day: Day One


• The presentation will focus on our work on High Throughput Experimentation as
a technology to advance the Oncology Chemistry discovery portfolio in terms of
exploring new chemical space as well as expediting scale-up
• Challenges of batch screening will be presented leading to our work to develop a
flow-based platform
• Initial validation and use will be presented with the talk focusing on expanded
capabilities since our first disclosure most notably around exploiting photoredox
transformations on this system, and the unique challenges that this reactivity
paradigm presents to flow screening
• New technologies are often cited as having benefits from a sustainability
perspective, and we will strive to demonstrate the synergistic advantages that
can be gained through exploiting both flow chemistry and High Throughput
Experimentation in a single system